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National Parks

Great news for your automotive vertical
Even with the high price of fuel, RV and camper rentals are cost-friendly alternatives to other family vacations, such as resorts or amusement parks.

Summer is here, along with a great way to beef up your automotive vertical. Many families will be taking vacations this summer, and your automotive section is the perfect place to advertise vacation rentals that can take American families wherever they need to go. Go all out this time around and emphasize family road trips to the U.S.’ National Parks as a way for families to bond, as well as a chance to see these natural wonders. Whether there is a National Park in your area or not, RV and camper rentals are sure to make even those long drives to see Arches National Park or Old Faithful fun and comfortable. In this article, we will provide you with some tips on getting started with this summertime automotive venture, as well as highlights of some of the most popular National Parks in the United States.

How to Get Started

You will first have to identify the rental companies that you want to target. Get a list together and outline the reasons why they should advertise with you. Make sure that they know why you are approaching them and your intentions for promoting RV and camper rentals. Since you have already established a good reason for families to rent these types of vehicles, the businesses renting them may be more inclined to advertise with you.

Once they have decided to advertise, discuss with your clients the possibility of using National Park-related imagery to help make the sale. Families looking forward to summer vacation will automatically identify with ads that illustrate where they want to go.

Encourage rental businesses to showcase not only popular camping destinations, but also the features each of their rental models can provide. Make sure that they are specific about capacity and other important things like fuel economy and vehicle specs.

Once You’ve Run the Ad

Your job doesn’t end just because you’ve sold ad space. To make sure this endeavor continues to be successful in the future, follow up with your clients and ask them if there has been a response or a surge in customers. Examine any analytics provided to help with future ad campaigns. Also ask them if they are encouraging families to share photos or anecdotes from their camping trips. Personal stories and photographs of family fun will encourage others to rent from your clients in the future. Make sure you are also discussing testimonials with you clients. Customer testimonials go a long way with establishing trust between a prospective customer and a brand.

Embrace National Parks

National Parks are a great way for families to go on vacation without breaking the bank. Not only do they allow camping — which is sure to soften even the most rebellious of teenagers — but also kids and parents alike will be able to see magnificent natural wonders and wild animals for very little cost. Even with the high price of fuel, RV and camper rentals are cost-friendly alternatives to other family vacations, such as resorts or amusement parks. Show your advertisers the benefits of advertising with you, thus turning families desperately trying to scrape vacation money together into RV and camper converts! Some of the most popular National Parks to suggest to your clients are:


Established in 1872, Yellowstone has long been a place for people to gaze upon geologic wonders and see species of animals hard to find in other places of the country. Bison roam wild, and if you’re lucky, you may even see a wolf. The park’s main attraction though is Old Faithful. As its name suggests, Old Faithful is a geyser that erupts on such a consistent basis you can set your watch to it.

There are many other places to explore in Yellowstone, though. With hundreds of hiking trails, pristine lakes and picturesque views painted by the likes of Thomas Moran, the park has not only been a destination of everyday people worldwide, but United States presidents and international ambassadors as well.

Fun fact: Did you know that Yellowstone is one the most geologically active sites in the world? It experiences between 1,000 and 3,000 earthquakes every year, and is located on a giant caldera!

Outer Banks Cape Hatteras

If you’re in the mood for a little sand and sun, the Cape Hatteras are a perfect destination. While there are a variety of National Parks on the United States coast lines, Cape Hatteras is close to many other destinations, with both temperate weather and an interesting regional culture. On the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Cape Hatteras was established in 1953 and is the United States first national seashore. With great camping, fishing, crabbing and swimming, this park is open to visitors between Memorial and Labor Day, and it’s perfect for summer fun.

Like other National Parks, Cape Hatteras has a variety of wildlife to see. It is also close to other national historic sites, such as the original colonies and battle and aviation sites. The Outer Banks is also home to a rich pirate history, which is sure to be entertaining to families with kids, or historically inclined adults.

Fun fact: The Cape Hatteras lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in the United States at 208 feet. Since the Outer Banks are a dynamic set of barrier islands, they have also seen many shipwrecks. 

Grand Canyon

One of the most grandiose and awe-inspiring of the National Parks, the Grand Canyon is an enormous park that was created around the 227 mile-long, and in place, up to 18 miles wide, Colorado River that has carved a deep canyon through the Arizona desert. The Grand Canyon, also considered to be one of the wonders of the world, went through the ringer for federal protection, first becoming protected in 1893. The Grand Canyon was not upgraded to a National Park until 1919.

Like other National Parks, the Grand Canyon has campgrounds for family fun. While the ecosystem is a desert, there is still a vast amount of animal and plant life for kids to see; they can even become junior rangers and receive a park ranger badge for their efforts!

Fun fact: Did you know that a reptile skeleton has never been found in the Grand Canyon? Many reptilian footprints have been found in the park’s rich history, but never any bones!



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