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About Us

Above the Fold is your comprehensive resource for news, information and tips exclusively for newspaper classified advertising departments. We cover the latest developments in print, online and mobile integration to help you decrease expenditures, increase revenue, simplify the creative processes and raise your ROI.  

We offer not just news, but analysis of developments in the evolving classified marketplace, webinars, how-to guides and daily insight on how to enhance your online and mobile presence. That means the topics we cover stretch beyond just our aforementioned specialties and include new concepts and developments affecting newspaper classified advertising revenue. Our goal is to help revitalize the industry and ultimately increasing your bottom-line.

In addition to that, we attend major industry conferences like SNA, WCAA and SCAMA as reporters to gather valuable information and research. While nothing beats attending yourself, with us there for you, it’s like saving a few bucks on registration and travel costs. By signing up for the Above the Fold e-newsletter, you can receive conference information and the latest classified news and tips right to your inbox!

With a rich history dating back to 1926, we have a strong belief in sharing the wealth when it comes to stimulating ideas. With new techniques and strategies and a revolutionized mindset, we have the ability to anticipate the needs of our readers and inspire creativity and innovation while we assist you in generating new revenue. 


Above the Fold has a creative-based philosophy to help you create and generate new advertising within the classified market. It is essential for Above the Fold to find ways that will increase your revenue and ROI while simultaneously decreasing your expenditures as you face the slashing of expenses and shrinking of sales staffs.  

Mission Statement

Above the Fold is committed to providing newspaper classified advertising departments with innovative ideas and creative solutions that support their growth objectives. Above the Fold makes it a priority to aid in the expansion of the digital first mindset advertising departments are currently taking, as well as remaining the leader in innovating print advertising. We are dedicated to your success.