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White-Label Vendors

With local advertisers beginning to divert some of their advertising dollars to coupons and daily deals programs, it may behoove newspapers to develop their own deals program and get part of the action. Unless you have the talents and resources in-house, you’ll want to find a white-label company who can provide you with the necessary software and back-office support. Here’s a select list compiled by NetNewsCheck of prominent white-label vendors who have helped legacy media companies develop their own programs.

Analog Analytics, San Diego |
Fees: There is no license fee, but Analog Analytics does retain 7 percent of the sale.
Clients: Hearst, Post-Newsweek Stations, Freedom Communications and Newsday.

BuyWithMe, Boston |
Fees: No information on fees was available at this time.
Clients: McGraw-Hill’s KGTV San Diego and New York magazine.

ChompOn, Palo Alto, Calif. |
Fees: ChompOn keeps between 6 and 12 percent of the deal.
Clients: BlackBook magazine, KPIG-FM, North Jersey Media Group and

Deal Co-op, Seattle |
Fees:Revenue-share agreements were not available, but there are no start-up or monthly fees.

Deal Current, San Diego |
Fees:Deal Current keeps between 8 and 10 percent.
Clients: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Buffalo News, KTUL Tulsa and Journal Broadcast Group.

Dealicio, Hanover, N.H. |
Fees: Dealicio keeps between 5 and 8 percent.
Clients: Missouri Lifemagazine and In Hand

GreenLink Networks, Malvern, Pa. | Overview
Fees: In most cases, it is the source for the deals and there is a 50-50 revenue share.
Clients: Nexstar Broadcasting and Meredith TV stations in Las Vegas; Atlanta; Kansas City, Mo.; and Portland, Ore.

Group Commerce, New York |
Fees: Group Commerce works on a revenue-share model and sometimes charges a license fee.
Clients: New York Times, Meredith Corp’s and Comcast’s DailyCandy.

Groupigg, St. Louis |
Fees: Groupigg uses a revenue-share model.
Clients: Newport Television, Hoak Media and Nexstar Broadcasting.

Local Offer Network, Chicago |
Fees: Local Offer Network retains 7 to 14 percent of the sale.
Clients: Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Hartford Courant and (Gannett and Tribune joint venture).

Matchbin, Bountiful, Utah |
Fees: After a one-time license feel, Matchbin receives 7 to 10 percent of the sale.
Clients: Entravision, Journal Register Co., and The Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal.

Media WebConnect,Cleveland |
Fees: Media WebConnect uses a revenue-share model.
Clients: Fisher Communications and Salem Communications.

NimbleCommerce, Santa Clara, Calif. |
Fees: On average, NimbleCommerce keeps 7 percent of the sale.
Clients:Seattle Times,, Dow Jones and Cox Media Group.

Second Street Media Solutions, St. Louis |
Fees:Second Street has no licensing fees and covers all credit card costs, but keeps 7 percent of the sale.
Clients: McClatchy, Washington Post, E.W. Scripps, Lee Enterprises and Gray Television.

Shoutback Concepts, Cleveland |
Fees: Shoutback keeps between 7 and 14 percent of the sale and has no upfront costs.
Clients: Denver Post, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Media General, Gatehouse Media and Morris Communications.

ReachLocal, Woodland Hills, Calif. |
Fees:On average, ReachLocal keeps between 7 and 14 percent of the sale.
Clients: Kiplinger and Parade.

Tippr, Seattle |
Fees: With no start-up fees, Tippr receive 7 to 14 percent of each sale.
Clients: Belo TV stations, NBCU Local Media TV stations and Fox’s WJBK Detroit.

TownHog, San Francisco |
Fees: TownHog charges a flat monthly rate or offers a revenue-share arrangement.
Clients: CBS radio and TV stations, San Francisco Chronicle, Cumulus Radio, Citadel and LIN Media.